Turf Care: How to Lay Your Turf

  1. Prepare the area prior to ordering your turf.
  2. Dampen the soil where the turf is to be installed.
  3. The turf needs to be installed and watered immediately after being delivered.
  4. Start with a straight line, along the longest edge, perhaps a driveway or boundary line.
  5. Unroll the turf across the area in a staggered pattern (similar to bricklaying). If the ground is sloped, align the pattern across the slope.  This minimizes the possibility of trenches forming between the rolls.
  6. Make sure the turf rolls are butted tightly together.  Avoid leaving gaps or overlapping.  Gaps will allow air to get in between the rolls and dry the edges out.
  7. Shape the turf rolls around objects (garden beds, trees, drains etc.) by cutting it to fit with a sharp spade or knife.
  8. On a large lawn it is best to do it in smaller sections so that you can water as you go.
  9. Thoroughly water your new lawn after installing and keep it moist in the first week or two.
  10.  Fertilise your lawn after the turf has taken root in the soil.  Usually around 5 weeks after installation.

Check with our staff about different watering requirements during various seasons.