Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

Get genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified turf for your property

There are many reasons to love Australia’s favourite turf, but its most special feature is its ability to adapt any environment. Sir Walter is an Australian-bred grass that can grow almost anywhere and everywhere. Another feature is its non-allergenic qualities – which makes it great for children and pets. It is a soft-leaf buffalo turf that makes a smooth and non-itchy underfoot.

Sir Walter is freshly picked from our farm to ensure that the turf we provide is in the best condition. We supply Sir Walter turf for projects of all sizes – whether residential, commercial or trade. As an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia partner, our turf is covered with 10 years warranty.

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Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

What makes Sir Walter DNA Certified turf the perfect lawn?

Below are the factors that make Sir Walter the ideal choice for your home or property:

  • Australia’s top selling buffalo lawn
  • Naturally bred in Australia
  • Less mowing and fertilising
  • Soft, smooth and comfortable
  • Lush and green
  • Self-repair abilities when damaged
  • Adaptable
  • Non-allergenic and environmental friendly
  • Resistance to diseases and pests
  • Safe for children and pets

What makes Sir Walter DNA Certified turf great for my home?

Sir Walter Turf Supplier

Sir Walter DNA Certified is the perfect lawn for your family and pets. Its non-itchy and soft leaf makes it comfortable to sit, relax or play on. It is a great looking lawn with its attractive, dark green leaf. It is also easy to maintain and requires less mowing and watering than other turf varieties.

This type of lawn performs well in the Australian climate. It can grow in any season. Sir Walter will stay lush and green wherever you plant it. Sir Walter can also quickly repair itself once it gets damaged.

What makes Sir Walter DNA Certified turf easy to maintain?

Sir Walter DNA Certified can grow almost on any type of soil. You don’t need to fertilise it often. It absorbs more water than other turf varieties. It is also pet-friendly and can withstand wear and tear from being kids and pets. With Sir Walter, you can spend more time on doing the things you enjoy.

What makes Sir Walter DNA Certified turf a tough lawn?

Sir Walter is hard wearing and has self-repairing abilities. It has deep roots which grows very quickly. It also has great resistance to pests, weeds and turf diseases – making it the grow anywhere and grow everywhere turf.

Sir Walter is an Australian-bred grass that can withstand hot climates. Its resistance to salt makes it great for lawns near the beach. You won’t find any other turf on the market as tough as Sir Walter.

How do I know I am getting genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified turf?

Until recently, only licensed farmers were allowed to grow and sell Sir Walter turf. This means anyone can now claim they grow and sell genuine Sir Walter. To ensure that you are getting the best quality, look for Sir Walter DNA Certified turf logo. This means that it has been inspected and verified by Lawn Solutions Australia in having genetically assured purity. This way you know you are getting the real deal!