Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

Turf Overview

Sir Walter DNA Certified turf has stood the test of time. Whether in full sun or shade, in extreme heat, frost or drought, it has been proven to go anywhere and grow everywhere. Naturalised here in Australia, Sir Walter is the perfect Buffalo Turf – bred to be tough yet soft and good looking to boot! Since 1997, there has been over 50 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo turf sold Australia wide – which makes it one of the most preferred lawn turf in the country.

When you purchase Sir Walter Buffalo turf, you’re not just buying a new lawn, you’re buying a whole new way of life. Gone will be the days of playing that game of backyard footy and ending up with a knee full of bindii, or diving for that superb catch only to finish with a mouthful of dirt. Sir Walter Buffalo is lush and green, with a tight growth habit to hold out most weeds. It has the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged, lessening the incidence of bare patches. If you’re looking for a high performing lawn turf, Sir Walter Buffalo turf is ideal for you.

DNA Certified

With every Sir Walter purchased, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Authenticity. Our Sir Walter is DNA Certified. This means it has been tested and verified for its genetic purity. When you buy our Sir Walter DNA Certified turf, you can rest-assured that you’re buying genuine Sir Walter.

Turf Features

  • DNA Certified - Genetic Assured Purity
  • Known as Australia's best-liked Buffalo Lawn
  • Requires minimal mowing and fertilising
  • Australian-bred grass
  • Soft to touch
  • Lush green
  • Low allergenic
  • Can adapt to drought conditions
  • Disease and fungus resistant
  • Recommended for children
  • Self repairing
  • Good salt tolerance
  • Low allergy
  • Environmentally friendly

Turf Warranty

At J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies we are committed to providing you with the highest quality turf and 100% customer satisfaction. Our turf is backed by Lawn Solutions Australia which comes with 10 Years warranty.

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