Nullarbor Couch Turf

Turf Overview

Nullarbor Couch Turf is a highly recommended grass suitable for sporting surfaces, residential or commercial projects in Sydney. It’s dark green colour and fine leaf makes it an ideal choice for a perfectly manicured lawn that stands out.

Nullarbor Couch Turf gives a long lasting performance in any elemental conditions. It is widely used as it makes a good environmentally friendly surface for yard, playing field or parkland areas frequently mowed every 5-7 days in summer. Nullarbor Couch produces a very dense turf that is attractive and luscious green in colour.

Lawn Solutions Australia provides relatively fine Couch Turf. Every purchase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as a proof that you are receiving genuine Nullarbor Couch Turf. Contact your accredited Lawn Solutions Australia supplier now to find out how quickly you can enjoy a brand new Nullarbor Couch Turf for your lawn.

Turf Features

  • Fine leaf blade & dark green colour
  • Strong horizontal growth habit that makes it tolerant of low mowing
  • Low dormancy which means it has an early start to growth after winter
  • Rapid recovery from wear and other stresses
  • It has good tolerance of broadleaf herbicides for weed control
  • Excellent wear tolerance

Turf Warranty

At J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies we are committed to providing you with the highest quality turf and 100% customer satisfaction. Our turf is backed by Lawn Solutions Australia which comes with 10 Years warranty.

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