• Eureka Kikuyu Turf
  • Eureka Kikuyu Turf
  • Eureka Kikuyu Turf
  • Eureka Kikuyu Turf

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

Looking for an economical all-rounder grass? Then Eureka Kikuyu Turf by Lawn Solutions Australia is the perfect lawn choice for your Sydney property. A proven performer in most Australian conditions, it is perfectly suitable to be used for home lawns, racecourses, parks, reserves, golf tees and fairways.

Eureka Kikuyu spreads by its vigorous development from stolons and rhizomes and is a coarse textured grass with a high growth rate. Its rapid spread ability makes the Eureka Kikuyu Grass the excellent solution for planting out larger areas and controlling erosion. Its tolerance of water logged soils can also make it the best choice for transpiration areas.

Turf Features

  • Medium-coarse bright green leaves
  • Reasonable cold weather tolerance
  • Maintains growth and colour into autumn and early winter
  • Good resistance to wear and recovery is rapid
  • Maintains even colour year round in warm climates

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$6.00 per m2