Sir Walter Buffalo vs Palmetto Buffalo: Which is best?

Sir Walter Buffalo vs Palmetto Buffalo

In the last couple of decades buffalo grass has experienced a huge explosion in popularity in Australia. This is no doubt down to the influence of one grass—Sir Walter.

But while Sir Walter has been the biggest name in Australian turf since the 90s, in recent years a serious challenger has risen up the ranks. Palmetto buffalo is a similar grass, but has a few key differences to the more established Sir Walter.

So what exactly are those differences? And which grass comes out on top in a head to head? Let’s take a look.

Sun tolerance

Both of the buffalos love full sun, but Palmetto is slightly better at standing up against the unrelenting UV of this sunburnt country of ours.

Shade tolerance

On the flipside, Sir Walter gets the points when it comes to shade tolerance. It is incredibly resilient against shade for a buffalo, making it perfect for those who have trees and shrubs overhanging the turf in their backyard.

Drought tolerance

While both varieties are once again fantastically drought tolerant when compared to standard turfs, Palmetto is slightly better at handling extended dry spells thanks to its deeper roots.

Wear and tear tolerance

In terms of wear and tear, however, Sir Walter comes out on top. As a slightly more aggressive and dense grower, it has been proven to bounce back time and time again against even the roughest of treatment.

Cold tolerance

Both of these grasses are warm season varieties, meaning that they grow best in balmy climates. But for those in the south, Sir Walter comes up trumps. This is thanks mainly to its greater shade tolerance, allowing it to retain its colour better during what is traditionally a cloudier time of year.

Proven performance

Finally, Palmetto simply can’t compete with Sir Walter in terms of proven performance. Sir Walter has shown itself to be the finest grass in Australia over a period of two decades, giving you perfect confidence to plant the variety wherever you see fit. Order Sir Walter DNA Certified turf directly from our website.

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