Why a hot summer isn’t the only cause of a damaged lawn

In the summer months, most homeowners with lawns are concerned about ensuring that their lawn is properly looked after. While the challenge of maintaining a healthy, thick lawn throughout dry periods is one most Australians are used to dealing with, it is also important to be aware of other reasons that your lawn might be […]

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Sir Walter: Perfect for Australian Climate

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but in a country with a climate like Australia’s, it’s hard to maintain a lush green lawn year round. Dry, hot summers mean yellow or dead grass, or using a lot of water to maintain a nice colour, which is not only wasteful but also expensive. So, rather than using […]

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Tip for Maintaining Your Sir Walter This Summer

As Australians it is an undeniable fact that we all love summer, beaches, BBQ’s and cricket in the backyard, it truly is an incredible place to live. There is one small thing that can put a dampener on all of this summer fun, the dry, dead and lifeless grass isn’t any fun at all. There […]

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Which Grass is Right for Me?

Looking to create a thriving green space? Find out which grass type you should invest in to get the most enjoyment out of your space.   Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Sir Walter is the Aussie classic. Tough yet soft, a Sir Walter lawn will require next to no maintenance. A premium turf that fights off […]

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Allergy Relief with Sir Walter

Do you suffer from hay fever during spring and summer? If so, consider switching to a Sir Walter Buffalo lawn turf. With a low allergy rating, Sir Walter will help relieve your symptoms. Do you have Hay fever? For many Australians, the warmer months of the year mean taking drastic measures to cope with the […]

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