Keep Your Lawn Looking Good this Summer

The extreme heat and lack of rain that usually comes with the Australian summer can be very stressful for lawn solutions. There are a few things you can do to before summer to ensure your turf is in the best condition to thrive throughout the season. Preparing your turf will help it avoid the shock […]

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Our Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is of the highest quality

The introduction of the AusGap Certification for Australia’s turf producers and growers means that here at J&B Buffalo Turf Supplies, our Sir Walter DNA Certified turf has been recognised amongst the highest quality turf in Australia. This new certification is a stringent way of ensuring that all turf suppliers and producers meet their strict criteria. […]

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Why Lawn Solutions Australia means a better quality lawn

As a long standing member of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), J&B Buffalo Turf continues to provide the highest quality product and service. LSA is a collective of Australia’s leading turf growers, who have unified in order to offer their customers the highest possible standard of lawn grass. Lawn Solutions Australia offers a range of turf […]

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5 reasons to buy Sir Walter DNA certified

In the hot Australian climate, maintaining a lush, green lawn year round is a challenge. Dry, hot summers requires a lot of water or letting your grass grow yellow and die. Warm season grasses are a good solution to this problem, as they flourish in temperatures of 25 to 35 degrees. Sir Walter DNA certified […]

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