How much does Sir Walter turf cost per square metre?

How much does Sir Walter turf cost per square metre

If you want a lawn that’s, beautiful, resilient and Australian, it’s difficult to look past Sir Walter Buffalo lawn. For over 20 years, this lush and hardy lawn has been the gold standard for turf varieties, and its benefits have been the reason for its appreciation across the nation. However, the success of Sir Walter’s buffalo lawn has resulted in many other turf farmers developing their own varieties of buffalo lawn. As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to find buffalo turf that is both genetically pure and of a high quality.

To ensure that you’re only getting the highest quality buffalo lawn, J & B Buffalo Turf Supplies have partnered with the authority on buffalo turf, Lawn Solutions Australia, to provide you with Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo turf. And with this partnership, which guarantees genetic purity as well as provides a 10-year warranty, we’re able to offer you Sir Walter DNA Certified turf for the cost of $11 per square metre*. As well as this, we also provide our $90 delivery fee, no matter how big your purchase is, or where in Sydney you are based.

With J & B Buffalo Turf Supplies, you know that you’re getting the highest quality Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo lawn, and you’ll be able to reap its many benefits, such as resistance to the weather, salt and disease, and its lush appearance and soft leaf, making it the perfect lawn solution for you and your family. It’s also a self-repairing grass, and it requires very little maintenance, meaning that your lawn will very easily maintain the lush green look that it had the day it was first laid.

At J & B Buffalo Turf Supplies, we’re proud of our partnership with Lawn Solutions Australia, and we’re proud to provide you with this high quality, Australian grown turf, complete with Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10-year warranty. If you want some of Sydney’s best Sir Walter buffalo lawn at a reasonable price, talk to us today or visit our online store.

* Prices are subject to change. This is the current price as of the 10th of August 2018.

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